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Private Residences

While private residences have not been a large part of my body of work, they do appear from time to time.  Here are two examples, one a detail from a doorway border, the other a full view of a pair of door panels.  Both of these feature painting on the glass.

Another window from a residence, and working on a panel that was part of the homestead door in the 2009 Baz Luhrmann movie "Australia".

Front door and side panels.

From a private residence in Sydney.
This was a complex restoration involving decorative brass filigrees soldered onto the leading.

More windows from a private residence, each featuring a different central floral motif.
A residential window depicting St George and the dragon.
Complete window at right, and closer views below.
St George
St George St George
A window with heraldic elements: full window at left, detail of coat-of-arms at right.
A window with floral and equestrian motifs, full window and detail views.